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Meet Laura Pastor

Putting Communities first

Let’s Meet Laura

Laura Pastor is a native Phoenician, raised in the communities in and around the City of Phoenix. As the daughter of Congressman Ed and Verma Pastor, she grew-up witnessing what it takes to champion, protect, and preserve the integrity of a richly diverse historic community.

In her early years, motivated by her parents, Laura participated in gatherings of local community advocates and listened as they addressed cultural, social, educational, and political concerns. At these gatherings, Laura learned how important and necessary it is that all communities be heard. She gained a passion for listening & understanding, and through this she observed the challenges and opportunities of residents in her local neighborhoods.

After many years of witnessing the “urgency of change,” Laura’s desire to serve and ensure that all communities have a voice inspired her to run for office as Councilwoman for District #4. Laura won her first seat as Councilwoman in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.