Laura Pastor

In 2022, she will be running for a final term, and Laura is asking that you continue supporting her service to the residents of the City of Phoenix as she advocates to ensure equity and voice for communities she serves.

Councilwoman Pastor’s tenacity and visionary approach to the changing modalities for the next generation is currently leading the push to end the digital divide in Phoenix through PHX DECC. Councilwoman Pastor serves as the Chairperson of the Economic Development and Equity Subcommittee. She also participates on additional committees which include: Transportation, Infrastructure, and Innovation.

Along with serving on the council, Laura is a member of the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board and the Community Liaison at Phoenix College. Both of these roles give her the opportunity to use her educational background and policy experience to prepare young Phoenicians for the next opportunity – whether that’s college or a specialized skill at one of Phoenix Union’s micro schools.

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